Many people think that laptops can very useful in many different classes. One school called the Denver School of Science and Technology show that many students can create many different web servers, websites, etc. Students find them helpful to do their homework and their class work. It is found helpful to look at notes and homework on the internet using the computers. Some projects demand immediate research and laptops also make it easier to learn.

Most of the students said that when you first get a laptop, it is very difficult. They said this because of the internet connection and all of the many different options. The students also said that you need to be careful because the laptops are delicate. They advised new students to listen to the instructions, read the directions, and do not click on random things. Another piece of advice that most of the students gave were, to back up files, to not visit other websites and to not do other things during school. They said this would affect your grade and your computer.

Most kids are in a consensus that a laptop is very helpful for schoolwork and homework. Very few don’t like their laptop and this is because they just don’t use it or because they believe that it is distraction. It sounds that most kids would recommend it for another student because it offers a wide range of opportunities and is a great learning tool. Many students believe that it is essential to back up your files and not to download and play ridiculous games because it would distract you from your school work and it could hurt the speed and efficiency of your computer.