Managing the Use of Technology in the Classroom

  • The classroom with technology is different than the classroom without technology. And it depends on how the teacher approaches the use and management of technology what this difference involves.

Generally teachers who use a project-based approach to work with students and technology find success.

This means:

  • Having a time when all eyes are on you and the class knows this – and the class knows that it is important that they receive instruction and guidelines – and that soon they’ll be working on the computers and the project at hand.
  • If you’re teaching in a 1-to-1 classroom, where every student has a computer, you will have to have a “lids down, eyes up” (for laptops) or a “pens down, eyes up” signal (for tablets)
  • Teachers in 1-to-1 classrooms often have other ways to get the whole class attention when needed – one teachers in California says “hands up” and everyone has to raise both hands while he goes around and checks screens to make sure all are on task
  • Spending most of the instructional time as a coach, facilitator, mediator – walking around, helping, observing, encouraging
  • The idea is to encourage independent and collaborative work and for the students to be on task. Many teachers find having a set of guidelines partly made up by the students of the class to help – as they have bought in by helping to create the rules.

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