Two tools for planning/assessing and managing technology use - LARK and CPCP:


• All use of technology should be:

  • L – Legal – Illegally copied or downloaded software, music or games may be not used on any computer.

  • A – Appropriate – Only appropriate words and images are used and viewed – if inappropriate materials are viewed or received, it is the responsibility of the recipient to see that an adult is informed.

  • R – Responsible – Diligent care is taken with all hardware, systems settings and software to prevent damage, changing, or misuse.

  • K – Kind - Computer use does not in any way tread on the rights or feelings of others.”

Livingston, P. (2006). Pg. 145. 1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work. Eugene, Oregon: ISTE.

CPCP - Planning and Assessing Wikis/Blogs/Podcasts or Any Technology:

When planning and assessing any technology, there are certain elements to consider – they can be abbreviated as CPCP

C - Content – Once people were dazzled by the bells and whistles of technology projects … and the content was overshadowed, e.g., Powerpoints with but the actual work done by the student – became less of a focus

• The content of what you want assessed should be the same for a Wiki, blog, podcast or any technology as for a paper or other activity done by students that is turned in and graded

P - Planning

• Creating a Wiki, blog, podcast or technology project takes planning and thought so evaluation of how the student(s) plan their Wiki/blog/podcast should be assessed

C - Collaboration

• How the students work together, how work is shared, how they make decisions, how they deal with conflict, how they become productive and use their shared time together effectively.

P - Product/Presentation

• The final product or presentation, including how it looks or sounds, whether care was taken to make the product free of most errors

Starting with CPCP, you can customize a rubric to evaluate most any technology project.

CPCP and LARK are from "1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work": (2nd edition) -