PLN = Personal (or Professional) Learning Network - the more people and resources in your network the richer the possibilities for you and your students

Here's a Wiki that's just on creating and building your PLN

Consider using Twitter - and following me - you may want to download Twitterific for your Mac or Twhirl for your PC to have Twitter stay in a window on your computer

Here is the result of our Twitter "shout out" on 2/24 - twitterresponses_copy.jpg

Nings are rich in possibilities - such as Classroom20 - there are groups and other Nings you may find from this Ning as well

Facebook, while not for teacher-to-student use, has been a great way to network for many.

LinkedIn can help keep your professional network available

Delicious and Diigo are social bookmarking sites - you see what bookmarks people are saving on the Internet - it's like having hundreds of people surfing for you!