Podcasts/Vodcasts – What Are They?

  • The term podcast originally came from iPod but it’s not just for Apple computers. A podcast is an audio file that has been loaded in a public place for people to download and listen to, the “cast” part is from broadcast. A vodcast is a podcast with video.

  • For schools, podcasts/vodcasts can be great tools to learn more about a topic and can actually be primary source materials, e.g., podcasts from The History Channel.

  • Podcasts/vodcasts can also be a way to learn from an expert on a topic.

  • Schools can create their own podcasts to demonstrate knowledge or understanding, or to educate or inform others.

  • Podcatching is the act of gathering and saving podcasts and requires tools.

Creating a podcast/vodcast is the act of planning, recording, editing and uploading a podcast/vodcast.

Links about Podcasting

Examples of educational podcasts/vodcasts

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