Name-Denver School of Science and Technology
Location-2000 Valentia Street, Denver, CO 80238
Type-Public School
Interesting fact-The class of 2009 got 100% acceptance to four year colleges

Location-10202 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas 77024
Type-Private School
Interesting fact-This is an all girls school for Pre-K to 12th grade.

Name-Zurich International School
Location-Kilchberg, Switzerland
Type-Private School
Interesting fact-Currently 24% of ZIS students come from the USA, 16% from the UK, and 12% from Switzerland.

Name – Lausanne
Location – Tennessee
Type – Public
Interesting fact – Just recently, the upper school (grades 8–12) took 4th place in the Science bowl where 52 schools in the state participated

Name-Summit Academy Middle School
Location-30100 Omlstead Bldg. B Flatrock, Michigan 48134
Type of school-Public
Interesting Fact-The school name is SUMMIT!

Name-Berkeley Preparatory School
Location-4811 Kelly road tampa, florida 33615
Interesting fact-Every senior was accepted into a four-year college after graduation.

Name-Rye Country Day School
Location-Cedar Street, Rye, NY, 10580
Interesting fact-Had 6 seniors competing in the 2009 National Merit Scholarship Competition.

Name-Saint Ursula Academy
Location-1339 East McMillan Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
Interesting fact-26 seniors in the class of 2009 were honored by the National Merit Corporation