This page will be used by the students to analyze the data from "One-to-One: The Student View"

This is also the "sandbox" for students to use for editing their work

Here is the latest copy of the data

Attitudinal Analysis

School Analyst
School Analysis 2
Attitudinal Analyst-2

Improvement Analyst
To create a new Wiki page:

1. Click on Edit This Page
2. Type some words about the page such as Denver School
3. Then highlight the words Denver School
4. Then click on the icon in the menu bar that looks like a globe with a chain over it link_copy.jpg
5. At the next window select Wiki link - you will see the words you typed click OK - here is how it will look:

6. Click Save.
7. Go back and click on the new link you created "Denver School" and you will have a brand new page.
8. Click on Edit This Page and type the information you want on the new ("Denver School") page.

9. When you're done with the Denver School page click Save.

Here are these instructions as a Word document -

Here are the instructions for the Analysis

Here are the instructions for the VoiceThread