Today’s Learners - Who are today’s learners?

Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants:,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf (Marc Prensky)

Millennials: born from 1980 to present – no knowledge of life without computers:

"The question at stake is no longer whether technology can change education or even whether this is desirable," Papert wrote in his testimony. "The presence of technology in society is a major factor in changing the entire learning environment." – Dr. Seymour Papert, 1995 testimony before Congress.

Visual Learners: – and media is more visual than ever.

  • Digital Generation: Many are comfortable with technology (but the danger is in assuming they know everything about technology – they don’t – they are natural explorers – and much of their exploration is random.)
  • Ubiquitous Computing: a factor in their lives – many have a computer at home, some have a computer through school – most have access to a computer regularly.
  • “Grasshopper Mind” – coined by Dr. Papert – multitaskers, able to move from one activity to another rapidly.
  • “…Teens sometimes spend more time typing than talking. …They re creating and remixing their own media and publishing it for a potential audience of millions.” – Goodstein, A. (2007). Pg. 177, 178. Totally Wired: What Teens and Tweens are Really Doing Online: New York: St. Martin’s Griffin.
  • GenYES – a program about this generation of kids and technology:

Here's what Millennials in college say about themselves (used with Dr. Wensch’s permission):

by Dr. Mike Wensch, Digital Ethnography, Manhattan, KS: