Wiki – What is a Wiki?

Wikis, the name of which came from the Hawaiian word for “quick” are shared Web pages that are simple to edit and allow a group of people to collaborate on the Wiki/Web page.

Wikis Made Easy

Common Craft granted permission to include screenshots and their videos in this handbook and the resulting workshop. Please visit their Web site at and these videos at

Wiki from Bud the Teacher

Wiki Examples for Teaching and Learning

9th grade math Wiki

7th grade prealgebra Wiki

Book Wiki “The Wright3”

Unsolved mysteries Wiki 5th grade

6th grade – CSI Wiki


Diedre’s Wiki Tools

Wiki about podcasting:

Class wiki – sandbox

Science students – Wiki

Wiki spaces – Media link

Wikispaces – Widgets

Cities around the world Lucy Gray (5th grade history/geography):

Wikis, Blogs, etc. for libraries